Unicum slot machines at the Vulcan VIP Club casino

Although Unicum gaming slots are known to a much lesser extent than Igrosoft products, this Russian gambling developer has also been represented on the slot machine market for a long time. The company’s track record does not include many legendary machines, but those that are widely represented in Unicum casinos deservedly enjoy the sympathy of players.

Such machines are also presented on the official website of Vulkan VIP Club , and every visitor to our gambling establishment can play them. Choose your favorite car to fight for free and without registration for virtual credits, or bet with real money to win for real. No deposit casinos with Unicum Vulcan VIP Club are an opportunity to evaluate each machine without spending a penny.

Unique domestic atmosphere in Unicum slots

Unicum Slots

The slot machines presented in the Unicum portfolio immerse you in a special, native atmosphere of past eras.

  • Party gold. Party Gold is a slot machine that takes you back to the era of the Soviet Union. The game cards of the slot contain images of scarce goods, Kremlin stars, propaganda posters from the times of developed socialism, and a portrait of Ilyich is presented as a bonus special symbol.
  • Bazaar. This slot takes you back to the years of the collapse of the USSR, the development of spontaneous trade and the emergence of a market economy. Scarce imported goods, Chinese Rulex, characteristic grannies and people from the Caucasus selling fruit in huge caps – all this immerses you in the atmosphere of the 90s.
  • Brothers. Bratva is another slot machine dedicated to the dashing 90s in all their manifestations. Trunks, casinos, boys with gold chains, Mercedes 600s, weapons and mobile phones – something without which one cannot imagine the shadow world of the end of the last century.

Other Unicum slot machines also maintain the atmosphere of a particular era. They allow even experienced gambling connoisseurs to feel nostalgic for the times when it was possible to play not only online, but also in offline casinos.

Simple and intuitive slot machine interface

Slot machines for the Unicum casino, presented on the official website of the Vulcan VIP Club, are classic five-reel slots, but with their own twist. Like their competitors, they demonstrate high performance, are optimized for mobile and desktop devices, and slot management is quite standard. But, at the same time, the slots allow you to bet not on nine, but up to the 21st line, and their interface is made in the spirit of classic physical video slots.

Play Unicum slot machines for free and without registration

In our online casino, Unicum slot machines can be played for free without registration by any visitor, both registered and guest. There are no restrictions in trial mode, but slots work the same way as with real currency bets. You can play Unicum slot machines for free to level up your level and develop your own winning schemes. Practice using virtual loans to get comfortable without risking real money.

Register to win for real

You can test the slot machines developed by Unicum for free without registration endlessly, but the real excitement comes only when playing for real money. Even by investing very little, you can enhance the experience and at the same time have a chance to increase your starting capital. Even after topping up your account with a couple of hundred rubles, you will get much more pleasure than if you try to play Unicum slot machines for free. And to stretch it out for a long time, we offer bonuses for the first deposit and special promotions, cashback and sweepstakes for regular customers.